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Ostrich Farming

Guidance and insights into raising the world's largest avian species.

Whether you're an aspiring farmer or simply curious about the breeding process, our Ostrich Farming series provides knowledge and inspiration for raising ostrich. From breeding to hatching to grow out and everything in between, we share our guidance for successful reproduction of ostrich.

Our goal with the Ostrich Farming series is to serve as a resource to up and coming ostrich farmers and cultivate a community of shared knowledge and best practices. At Superior Ostrich, our mission is to drive organic growth in the ostrich industry as a whole.

11 Steps for Handling Ostrich Eggs

11 Steps for Handling Ostrich Eggs

Proper egg handling and storage is critical to maintain the viability and freshness of ostrich eggs. Ostrich eggs are much larger than chicken eggs and have a thicker shell, which requires specific handling and storage considerations.
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Ostrich Farming 101 A Quick Guide to Starting an Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farming 101: A Quick Guide to Starting an Ostrich Farm

Successful ostrich farming requires a combination of proper management practices, adequate facilities, and attention to the birds' specific needs. Here is a list of some key ostrich farming techniques that contribute to a successful operation.
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The Power of Genetic Diversification in Ostrich Farming

Discover the intrinsic value of diversifying the genetic pool in ostrich reproduction. Learn how genetic diversification benefits the health, adaptability, and sustainability of these exotic birds. Explore the advantages of genetic diversity in fertility, population growth, and longevity.
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