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Superior Ostrich Inc.

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking company that specializes in ostrich farming. With a dedicated team of professionals, a strong board of directors, and the support of our valued investors, we are proud to be at the forefront of the ostrich farming industry in the USA.

Our Vision & Mission


At Superior Ostrich, our vision is to revolutionize the United States ostrich farming industry by consistently delivering top-quality ostrich products while adhering to sustainable and ethical practices. We aim to be recognized globally as the preferred choice for ostrich-related products and services in the US.


  1. Produce the highest quality ostrich meat and products.
  2. Ensure the welfare and well-being of our ostriches.
  3. Foster innovation and research in ostrich farming.
  4. Create value for our shareholders.

Superior Ostrich Inc. is committed to excellence in ostrich farming, driven by our vision, mission, and the dedication of our team, investors, and board of directors. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our products, sustainable practices, and our journey to redefine the ostrich farming industry.

Contact us today to discover how you can be a part of our mission and share in the success of Superior Ostrich Inc. Thank you for visiting us!

Contact Us

Email: info@superiorostrich.com

Phone: +1 (254) 294-7595

Our Ranch

1093 County Rd 3310
Valley Mills, TX 76689