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est. 2013

Superior Ostrich Inc. was incorporated in Texas on August 6th, 2013, however operations commenced decades earlier. Reginald W. Lindberg developed a long range plan to use a family ranch in Central Texas to produce raw materials for exotic boots and other high-end specialty fashion. Two decades later, Lindberg partnered with a well-versed management team and together a plan was conceived to bring Ostrich meat to commercial markets.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To increase the supply of protein with an eco-friendly, sustainable, profitable and health conscious product.

Ranching Operations

Ranching Operations

Presently, Superior Ostrich maintains a flock of more than one thousand breeder birds and is believed to be the largest ostrich operation in the United States. Superior Ostrich is poised to corner the ostrich market and become an internationally recognized name in high quality meats.


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Superior Ostrich is proud to be represented by 7 board members, each with unique backgrounds. Our team’s experience in ranching initiatives, institutional finance, investor relations, and growth stage companies has our team optimistic as we approach 2015.


Superior Ostrich believes that the only way to sustain a growing flock and profitable business is to first assemble a large enough flock and ranching operation capable of breeding the necessary number of animals. By doing so, we are raising the barriers of entry in the ostrich space, and in turn creating a brand new market. The history of the turkey industry in the United States followed a similar model and strategy.


Superior Ostrich is committed to carrying out our plan with precision. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us today.

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